Underwear Patch Turns Smelly Farts Into Minty Goodness


Do your farts smell really bad? Have no fear! There is now a way you can make your farts smell like a breath of fresh air.

In today’s edition of Products that actually exist, you can now buy a flatulence deodoriser pad to stick to your undies that promises to make your farts smell like mint.

The pad, named Flat-D, apparently uses the power of charcoal as an odor absorbing media.

The official website is full of slogans, including ‘Gastric Bypass? Travel with confidence’, ‘Small spaces? No problem’ and ‘No embarrassment at work’.

The website also reminds us that ‘you can hide the sound of a fart by making a louder noise, but you cannot hide the odor of flatulence.’

A resuable Flat-D pad retails for $16.95.

Too true. Know anybody that might need a pack or two?