Saudi Arabian Match Temporarily Halted, Goalkeeper Receives Emergency Haircut


There were confusing scenes over in the Saudi Arabian league this weekend when a match had to be temporarily suspended while the goalkeeper received an emergency hair cut.

From what we’ve been able to glean from this decidedly vague Belgian report, the Saudi sporting authorities took issue with the keeper’s “un-Islamic” hairstyle and ordered him to sort it out there and then.

The Saudi Football Federation recently issued a decree that outlawed players taking to the pitch with ‘al-qaza’ haircuts, i.e, styles forbidden under the strict Wahhabist strain of Islam practiced throughout the Saudi kingdom.

Guidelines were sent this week to the federations and the Olympic committee to curb the al-qaza phenomenon, referring to the exuberant cuts now seen in stadiums and gyms.

The referee reportedly forced the coaches to cut the goalie’s hair as it was longer on top than on the sides, which would appear to be a no-no in Saudi Arabia.

To be quite honest, we’re as baffled as you are.