Most racist commercial ever made?


This Chinese commercial for laundry detergent is being labelled the most racist ad ever made.


In truly jaw-dropping scenes, the ad for Qiaobi washing powder opens with a woman loading her washing machine.

Suddenly, a black man covered in paint appears. He wolf-whistles and winks at the woman, who beckons him over.

As he nears his object of affection the woman pops a tablet of detergent into his mouth before shoving him into her top-loader.

She then sits atop the machine as the spinning man screams inside, waiting for the product to work its magic.

When the man emerges, he is no longer black but Chinese, wearing a crisp black shirt.

Watch the video below:

It’s worth pointing out that the ad is a remake of an Italian commercial made almost ten years ago which featured a woman washing a white man with a product aimed at treating “colours”. To the woman’s delight, the man emerges from the process black.