Outcry After Zoo Kills Healthy Giraffe, Feeds It To Lions

Marius The Giraffe

Marius The Giraffe, killed with a bolt gun, dissected publicly, then fed to lions.

The Copenhagen Zoo’s decision to kill a young healthy giraffe, then feed the corpse to lions has sparked outrage across the world.

Marius, a two-year-old giraffe was executed in public with a bolt gun, then was dissected in full view of young children and adults. After the international outcry, the zoo responded that Marius’ death was necessary to protect the genetic diversity of his species. Marius’ presence was seen as a hindrance to conservation breeding programs. In other words, the zoo wanted to prevent inbreeding.

Marius The Giraffe Killed

Marius The Giraffe Killed And About To Be Dissected

The Associated Press

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Twitter users vented their frustration, and some with rather substantial points. Here are some of the Tweets.