Michigan Woman Dresses as a Boston Marathon Bombing Victim


Some Halloween costumes are downright offensive, a good example would be Prince Harry’s Nazi costume which was first publicized on January 13, 2005 by the BBC.

But Alicia Ann Lynch costume of a Boston bombing victim has since gone viral. There is no way this costume is remotely funny or entertaining. One does have to wonder what went on in her head when she came up with this ridiculous idea. Her idea was posted on her Twitter account SomeSKANKinMI, which has since been suspended by Twitter. Her timeline consists of several nude shots of her and other controversial tweets. Since the scandal broke out, her Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook accounts have either been suspended or deleted.

She has come under fire from Netizens and has even received death threats. May this 22-yaer-old find solace and some form of being sympathetic.

Here is the image of her in her horrific costume:

Alicia Ann Lynch Costume