ISIS opens five-star hotel ‘Hotel Caliphornia’


MOSUL, IRAQ: Islamic State (IS) has opened a luxury hotel for IS jihadists, weary from performing acts of terrorism and beheadings and in desperate need of some serious shut eye.

The hotel also caters to visiting IS dignitaries from neighbouring states and jubilant jihadi brides who have their wedding receptions held there.

The Ninawa International Hotel located in Mosul boasts 262 beds, manicured gardens, swimming pools, a tennis court and high-sparkle marble floors. However it is uncertain whether the bowling alley and sauna are still part of the hotel, The Daily Express reported.

Islamic State Flags Surround The Building

Islamic State Flags Surround The Building

While the beautiful ornate cravings adorning the old hotel’s facade have long since been defaced by the IS, the hotel however does retain some Western influences, namely the many signs inside that are in English.

In keeping with their strong Islamic beliefs, the bar and ballroom have remained closed to business as dancing, music, smoking and gambling is strictly prohibited. Women too are only allowed to dress from head-to-toe in black, the colour of mourning.

Members of the group’s notorious al-Khansaa brigade, its female police force, patrol the grounds ensuring that all guests adhere to strict Sharia laws while staying there.

Any troublemaker is rightfully punished with amputations or beheadings, whichever is deemed fit for the “crimes” they commit.

The old Ninawa Hotel was once a magnificent landmark in Mosul and received numerous glowing reviews on Tripadvisor.

One user, clearly mocking the IS who now run the place, left this question at their website: “Do you do a full English breakfast included in the stay? Also, my wife wants to know your policy on topless sunbathing.”