Insensitive Charlie Hebdo mocks MH370


FRANCE: Controversial French magazine Charlie Hebdo has come under fire again, this time for an insensitive MH370 cartoon in the wake of the discovery of debris on Reunion Island, the British publication The Express reports.

This time, the French weekly, which plays on parody cartoons and non-conformist tones, depicts on its front page dismembered body parts of a pilot and a woman landing ashore in what appears to be a compromising position.

The front page reads, “We’ve found a bit of the pilot and the air hostess”. Two islanders are seen in the background with their arms raised in celebration.
The cover was denounced as “corrosive” by another UK tabloid, The Daily Mirror.

Twitter users using the hashtag #charliehebdo denounced the French magazine’s unacceptable antics. According to the Mirror, user Azrul Naime tweeted, “Very poor taste #charliehebdo shame on you,” Regis Gay said, “#charliehebdo this week is atrocious,” while another user, Claude, called it, “corrosive as usual”.

Tweets cited by The Express included one which said, “Freedom of speech? Distasteful,” and another which claimed the French editorial team were “attention seekers” with “no heart.”

Despite regularly depicting controversial cartoons, including of the Prophet Mohammed which Muslims find offensive, Charlie Hebdo drew worldwide sympathy at the beginning of this year when terrorists stormed into its office purportedly in the name of Islam and killed 12 of the magazine’s employees including editor Stephane Charbonnier.

Tens of thousands of Parisians flocked to the Place de la Republique several days later to denounce the massacre and honour free speech.

The incident spawned the worldwide use of the phrase “Je Suis Charlie,” which translated means, “We are Charlie”.

Many Islamic nations, organisations and personalities condemned the massacre, claiming that its response was not in accordance with the tenets of the religion.