Gamer takes dump in bucket to avoid leaving keyboard


CHINA – A rather grim video depicting a devoted gamer defecating into a bucket in the middle of an internet cafe has begun circulating on Weibo, leading netizens to collectively wretch in disgust.

In the video posted to Weibo by the Tucao Brothers (Tucao meaning to ridicule or mock in Chinese), a gamer is seen playing at a computer in an internet cafe while perched on a bucket. Rather than pausing the game, he decides to use the bucket as a toilet.


In a theatrical scene which could possibly have been staged for the camera, not long into the video you see the girl next to the gamer recoil in disgust at the smell. Two other people playing opposite also stand up and leave the area.

The smell of his own poop even proves to be too much for the gamer, who is seen covering his mouth and nose with a cloth as he remains fixated on his game and continues to operate the mouse.

Watch the disgusting footage here: