Customers Find Condom In Fish Dish, Restaurant Manager Eats It To Avoid Fine


In a story that’s got hundreds of millions of netizens retching, diners at an Anhui restaurant were about to enjoy a nice fish meal when they discovered a surprise on their plate, a condom. When they threatened to fine the establishment more than 100,000RMB ($16,056), the manager allegedly refused, instead agreeing to eat the condom as a form of compensation.

The patron, Liang, said she was dining with two other women when they turned over their shared catch of the day to find a condom.

The report failed to mention if the prophylactic was used.

Shocked and disgusted, Liang and her friends demanded compensation from the manager: an ambulance, reimbursed medical expenses and 100,000 yuan ($16,039).

“They suspected us of putting the condom there ourselves,” said Liang.

Despite the manager arguing that the condom would have melted after being roasted, Liang and friends disagreed and eventually proposed their sadistic solution.

“I was on duty so I had to eat it to get the problem settled,” said the manager.

This is (hopefully) the first time a restaurant manager has agreed to eat a prophylactic found in food. Let’s hope this never happens again. The next time, that chewy piece of calamari, may just not be calamari.