Lychee Wedding Proposal Rejection


XIAN, CHINA: Many people have proposed to their partners. Some has set the bar so high that it’s difficult for some mere mortals to pull it off. However, for this 24-year-old man from Xi’an, China, he has taken his marriage proposal to a whole new level that can’t (and won’t) be matched by any of us. (We do not want to be caught dead with this).

The man surnamed Dong, proposed to his girlfriend by making two hearts and an arrow out of lychees, her favourite fruit. He squatted down in the middle of the footbridge and painstakingly laid out the small fruits to form the shape of two hearts pierced by Cupid’s arrow and the word “Love.”


The strange scene attracted quite a few onlookers. Dong had been planning the surprise proposal for quite some time. When his 23-year-old sweetheart showed up, he knelt down and said:

“My dear, I don’t have a house, a car or a lot of money. But I have true love for you and I will give you happiness. Will you marry me?”

His girlfriend picked up a lychee to eat and fled the scene after saying: ‘No you are so naïve.’

Xian being consoled by friends

Dong being consoled by friends

“My heart is bitter, but I will get her back. We are meant to be together.”

The rejected man told reporters she had declined his hand in marriage because they are too young.