Haunting Selfie Captures Teen’s Last Seconds Before Death


MADIUN, INDONESIA: A user named Mochanad Rizky uploaded photos on Facebook, moments before a train kills a student from Madiun.

The train, already visible in the frame captured by one of the five teenagers “selfie photos” on the edge of the railroad tracks. Four people survived, while one teenager wearing a red shirt could not escape in time and got hit by the train, resulting in his death.

“The pictures taken before the death of one of our friends, please pray for his good deeds and hopefully he is in heaven,” the statement accompanying the photos that were uploaded on to Facebook.

The unfortunate event happened on Friday (02/20/2015) in Mangunharjo, Madiun. The victim was named Tom Luki Saputra.

From the photos in the Facebook album account belonging to the victim, there are similarities between the clothes worn during the his “selfie” photo and the clothes of the victim that got hit by the train.