GoPro On A Mumbai Dog, The Video Will Break Your Heart


We’ve seen so many happy GoPro videos that capture the fun, exciting moments in the life of a dog that it’s easy to forget that it’s really only the luckiest dogs who get to enjoy the thrill of rushing down to the beach or making new friends while being dog-sat. For dogs who are less fortunate, life can be a whole lot uglier—and a GoPro-like device can help capture that, too.

That’s the takeaway from this brutal spot from the Indian nonprofit World For All, which seeks to “save the helpless animals of Mumbai” by placing them in homes where they’ll be cared for. And if that mission didn’t seem urgent before you watched the video, it certainly will afterward. In the two-minute spot, a stray street dog in the city wears a GoPro and is treated in ways that—if you’re of a sensitive disposition—might prove too hard to watch (the video’s scenarios may or may not be staged but the reality for a dog like this is at least as bad as what’s depicted).