American Girl Wrecks 13 Vehicles in Pattaya


PATTAYA, THAILAND: The 29-year-old blonde, only identified as “Samantha,” began her day by driving wrong way down on Soi Siam Country Club in East Pattaya where she clipped a motorbike. Samantha then escaped and went down North Pattaya Road against the traffic where she collided with 12 other vehicles including one bus.

Police were forced to open fire on her car tires after chasing her for over 30 minutes as an angry mob of damaged car owners and injured locals shouted at the crazy driver and attempted to hit her. She locked herself in the car, prompting the police to break the front passenger window to arrest the woman, who was in panic mode.


Two motorcyclists were injured in the process. Duangkamol Tessin, 22, incurred a leg injury and another unidentified person suffered some scratches. They both received treatment at a local hospital, according to Khaosod.

Samantha were put into police’s pickup truck and taken to Pattaya Police station in handcuffs.

Pattaya One reported her punishment was a heavy traffic fine. The woman agreed to to pay for the damages.

Here’s some video of her hitting a bus.