World’s Dumbest Art Thief?


In what could either be the dumbest or most brazen art thief in recent times, the crook is caught on CCTV looking around an art gallery before spotting a World War I painting, worth $1150 (£700) and trying to shove it down his jacket.


The crook pretends to be an art enthusiast, browsing the gallery at Castle Fine Art Gallery in Birmingham, London. After spotting a painting that he thinks would fit into his jacket, he repeatedly tries to shove the 2ft by 1ft framed picture in his jacket before giving up and calmly trying to walk out of the gallery with the painting in his hands.

His efforts are of course fruitless as staff confronted him outside the gallery. He handed the painting back but managed to flee before the police arrived. The police are interested if anybody can identify this thief from the CCTV footage below.

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