TransAsia GE235 Crashes Into River In Taiwan


At least two were killed as regional TransAsia passenger flight carrying 58 people has crash-landed into a river in Taiwan. Footage of the crash have emerged, showing the jet nearly hitting a highway.

An ATR 72-600 TransAsia Airways plane crash-landed on Wednesday, coming down into the Keelung River in northern Taiwan.

Stills from dashcam footage, purportedly catching the moment of the crash, have circulated on Twitter, showing the medium-sized turboprob jet smashing one of its wings into a highway. The plane’s belly is clearly visible as it makes a sharp flip and grazes the road.

Amazingly, however, the jet then manages to head into a river right next to the highway and lands there.

A video shows Taipei rescuers rushing to the scene of the crash to help the survivors out. The plane reportedly had 53 passengers, including 2 children, and 5 crew on board.