Malaysia Airlines Towelette Found On WA Beach


CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA: A small Malaysia Airlines towelette has washed up on a WA beach, stoking further conjecture around the confounding mystery of missing flight MH370.

The small pre-moistened towelette was discovered by a couple walking on the beach in Cervantes, who have since said that it was “unopened, which was very unusual”.

The item has now been sent to Canberra, where it will undergo further testing after being discovered in July, according to Nine News reports.

Experts have said that a small package of this nature would be able to travel travel long distances.

It is now a year since the Malaysia Airlines flight disappeared, with no substantial developments in uncovering the plane’s fate.

Malaysia’s handling of Flight MH370’s disappearance has faces new criticism after an interim investigation uncovered a dud beacon battery and more potential missed opportunities to track the plane a year ago.