Insane Russian Girl Walks On Narrow Ledge On High Rise


A young girl walking along a very narrow concrete beam high above the ground has become the latest online fad due to her bravery and, breast exposure.

A quarter of a million internet users have watched the buxom blonde Russian gingerly ‘tight-rope’ walk in the latest video in the so-called ‘skywalkers’ series from Russia. It has become a craze for Russian youngsters to climb on high buildings in restricted areas and make “once in a lifetime” videos in the process.

The girl in the video chose to film from the most attractive angle. A camera strapped to a helmet gets a bird’s eye view of her bosom every time she checks her footing. “By the looks of it she has more than guts,” one comment reads. “This video has everything it needs to become a hit, breasts and adrenalin,” another user concludes.

Other comments were more sarcastic: “Yeah, she has guts among other things. No problem if she falls — she will just bounce back”. The footage was taken on the roof of one of Moscow’s high-rise apartment blocks, with the girl walking several meters before the video ends.

Credits: RT News