Gun fire, explosions in Saint-Denis, France terror raid


SAINT-DENIS, France – Heavy gunfire and explosions woke up residents in the Saint-Denis area of Paris.

French police have an area of Saint-Denis blocked off for a large police raid that is possibly connected to Paris attacks suspects.

Other residents have been evacuated to a safer area while police told French News Station BFMTV they are conducting a police operation.

Saint Denis Mayor is urging residents to stay indoors, schools will not open.stay indoors, schools will not open.

BFMTV also reported that police officers have been wounded by gunfire during a raid seeking one of the suspects wanted in connection to the deadly Paris attacks.

The gunfire erupted around 4:30 a.m.

Residents began posting videos of the loud explosions and gun shots on social media.

The wanted terror suspects are reportedly inside of an apartment building in the French suburb of Saint-Denis.