A Girl Goes To A Karaoke Machine, And Leaves Everyone Awestruck


Former “The X Factor” (Philippines edition) contestant Zendee Rose Tenerefe (labeled as a “random girl” in a YouTube video) is drawing praise for her performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” at a shopping mall. The video has since gone viral, the clip of Tenerefe has gone viral with over 2 million views and has garnered comments from viewers who are absolutely stunned by her performance. It apparently was recorded at SM Megamall in the Philippines.

This is what truly exists out there, a very talented vocalist. She has since been discovered, and has appeared on several shows in the United States and has also signed a deal with a record company. Let’s hope they display her real talent.

More information about her and the video of her awesome performance can be viewed below:

Zendee Rose Tenerefe YouTube Channel:
Zendee Rose Tenerefe YouTube Channel

Zendee Rose Tenerefe Facebook:
Zendee Rose Tenerefe Facebook