Gangnam video first to hit two billion views on YouTube


The wildly popular “Gangnam Style” music video cemented its place on Saturday as one of the defining soundtracks of the digital age, it is the first YouTube video in history to smash through the two billion barrier on YouTube.

The infectious and satirical mega-hit by South Korean pop star Psy became a worldwide sensation, fueling a South Korean “K-Pop” trend after it was first uploaded to the popular video sharing platform in July 2012.

Psy’s dance moves in “Gangnam Style” have been mimicked in a myriad of videos uploaded to YouTube in various languages. South Korea’s most successful recent export has also gained currency beyond YouTube, becoming often copied, much parodied and endlessly analyzed.

“Two billion views; they are very honorable and very burdensome numbers,” Psy said in a statement YouTube shared with AFP on Friday.

“With the appreciation, I will come back soon with more joyful contents!”

The “Gangnam” in the hit song’s title refers to Seoul’s most upscale residential and shopping district lined with luxury boutiques and restaurants frequented by celebrities. Only three percent of “Gangnam Style” views at YouTube have been from inside South Korea, underscoring Psy’s global appeal.


Credits: AFP