Policewoman Saw An Elderly Man Dancing, What Happened Next Will Amaze You


Hilarious footage of a policewoman (Constable Yasmin London) getting her groove on with an elderly man at Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD.

The clip shows a white-haired man with an umbrella dancing by himself to loud electronic music. As he continued to dance, the camera turns to a group of three police officers dancing off to the side of the square. The old raver approached a constable from Rose Bay, who decided to let her hair down and begin mirroring the man’s dance moves.

Video shows the duo entering the middle of the square, surrounded by dozens of onlookers, and breaking out some old-school moves together. Crowds were gathered at Martin Place on Friday April 5 for a fundraiser called Time 4 Kids, as part of Youth Week which ran from April 5-14, NSW Police told ninemsn. The event involved local personalities being locked up in an open jail until their “bail” money was raised for the PCYC.