Man Purchases MacBook On eBay, Gets Picture of MacBook


Paul Barrington fell victim to a scam after winning the auction for the top-of-the-range laptop with a bid of £300 on ebay. — YouTube screen grab


LONDON: eBay may be a strange way to shop for some but many flock there though for great deals and buys. However, just occasionally, there are people who come away less than satisfied with their bargaining.

Wannabe DJ Paul Barrington, for example, thought he’d achieved a rare deal when his bid of £300 for a MacBook was the winner. A new MacBook would have cost £1500.

He wanted to be a wedding DJ and needed the laptop in order to download the appropriate software. Barrington sold his surfboard to pay for the MacBook.

Unfortunately, as the North Devon Journal reports, Barrington received a package that was worth less than the paper it was packed in. Instead of a MacBook, Barrington merely got a black-and-white photocopy of the sleek white laptop.

“I need a laptop so I checked the listing and the seller’s rating. He’d been a member for a few years, so there was nothing to be suspicious about.” he told the North Devon Journal.

An eBay spokesman said, “We were very sorry to hear about Mr Barrington’s unusual experience. eBay’s Money Back Guarantee will ensure he gets a refund as soon as possible.”