A Gentleman Gets Arrested


The Story:

Paul Dozca Arrest ArticlePaul Dozca Arrest Article


This incident took place in Brisbane, around 1988, when a gentleman was arrested for not paying the bill for “succulent Chinese food”. The gentleman in question, Paul “Charles” Dozsa, a troubled chess champion and ex-chef, went from restaurant to restaurant for about 40 years avoiding paying the tab and signing bad checks. Paul Dozca was also a chess champion for the over 60 category. He believed himself to be a long-term research subject for Warsaw Pact mind control implant experiments and was obviously paranoid.

Sadly, Paul Dozca passed away on October 2003.

The late Paul Dozca

The late Paul Dozca

I act like a human being. The difference is that I have been living like a robot, remote controlled through my involuntary implant. The research centre that controls me through hypnosis and electromagnetic waves has a complete control of my body and mind. It has positive and negative effects in my own life. The most frightening is of the fact that people with simular implants and different controls can be used as mindless terrorist, committing acts like the recent American tragedy. Paul C. Dozsa