Turn Your Smartphone Into A 3D Hologram Projector


It’ll take you just five minutes to make your very own hologram projector. You’ll wow your friends and impress your co-workers, and all you need is a few basic office supplies, an old CD case and a smartphone.

YouTube user Mrwhosetheboss used graph paper, a CD case, tape, a pen, scissors, a knife and his smartphone to rig up a device that, in the light, just looks like a pyramid of plastic taped together. But with the lights off, it’s the perfect surface for projecting holograms.

Keep in mind, you can’t just turn any old video playing on your phone into a hologram. But there are a few simple videos to choose from already uploaded on YouTube, or you can go find one on a site called Holho, where they have more high-tech models, capable of building even larger holograms.

Once you have created your 3D Projector, you can test it with the video below: