Teen stowaway dodges security so he can become a £50,000 beggar


DUBAI – A youngster bagged himself a free flight to Dubai – by hiding in the cargo hold of an aeroplane.

Baggage handlers at Dubai’s airport were shocked to make the discovery when they began to unload the plane’s luggage.

Instead of suitcases, prams and rucksacks they found a travel-friendly teenager who had tucked himself away in the hold.

The Chinese youngster hid in the Emirates plane for over 9 hours and didn’t eat for the duration of the flight.


The 16 year-old known as Xu – is reported to have been “very comfortable” while stowed away.

Flight EK303 was travelling from Shanghai to the United Arab Emirates last Friday.

It is understood that the teen jumped over a fence at Shanghai airport and hopped on the plane without any hassle.

Security staff were caught slacking as the lucky lad was able to climb aboard and bed down in the hold.

Upon arrival in the Emirati capital the teen was then handed over to Dubai’s police force.

According to a translator the boy had travelled to the Middle Eastern city with the hope of earning money through begging.

He had heard that beggars in Dubai could make 470,000 Yuan a month (approx £50,000).