Squirrel climbs out of woman’s cleavage during interrogation


COPS thought they were going nuts when a SQUIRREL climbed out of this woman’s CLEAVAGE during a police interview.


OHIO, US – The baby rodent clawed out from in between the woman’s bust as detectives questioned her at a police station.

The amazing incident was caught on CCTV in Ohio, US.

Detective Warren Mackey said it was the last thing he expected.

He revealed: “I was not prepared to see a woodland creature in the interview room.

“I kept right on talking to her and listening to her. I didn’t acknowledge it at all.”

Astonishingly, the unidentified woman, was not under arrest and was being quizzed as part of a murder investigation — did not even mention what had happened.

As the animal climbed out of her green top she simply scooped it up and placed it back down her top.

Detective Mackey added: “I really didn’t know what to say.”

Neither the woman nor the squirrel are expected to be called to testify during the trial.