Junkyard Dogs Travels Miles Everyday To Feed Her Friends


Lilicia the junkyard dog was left abandoned outside of a junkyard in the city of San Carlos, Brazil. She was taken in by the junkyard’s owner Mrs Neire, her children, her other dogs, her cats and her chickens. Lilicia quickly fit in and was part of their extended family.

Lilicia soon became pregnant with 8 puppies and it was a pleasant addition to the family. But that also meant more mouths to feed, more than Mrs Neire could afford. Lilicia stepped up to the plate and decided to feed all of the animals on her own. In the middle of the night, she hit the dangerous roads in search for food for her animal companions and her family. She walked back 4 miles to bring food home for all her friends and family.

Little did everyone know that she had a caring person, Lucia give her food everyday for almost 3 years. She would then carry the plastic bag of food back home for all her friends to feast on. Lucia decided to follow her one day to see where she brings the plastic bag of food. To her astonishment it was to her animal companions. Lucia and Mrs Neire soon became the best of friends.

A few months ago, Mrs Neire received USD $15K from a Brazilian TV show. Lilica didn’t like the spotlight and ran away from the TV crew (they wanted to take her to Rio de Janeiro for a live TV show.) She returned to the junkyard the following day when the media was gone (way to go Lilica!).

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