Female motorcyclist saves kitten on busy intersection


This motorcyclist is the Internet’s folk hero of the day after rescuing a small kitten from a busy intersection.

The motorcyclist posted the video to YouTube after filming the whole thing on her GoPro. The video has gone viral and is currently at the top of Reddit’s home page.

It’s a nail-biting watch as the kitten appears out of nowhere and cowers between the busy lanes of traffic. Three very narrow misses from passing cars as she leaps into action and saves the kitten.

Skidmark, safe and sound

Skidmark, safe and sound

The motorcyclist, who posts on Reddit as Your_Brain_On_Pizza, commented that she saw the kitten fall from the undercarriage of the red car and has made efforts to contact them in case the kitten is theirs. But for now, she’s taken the kitten in and, by the looks of the other video she posted, Skidmark (for that is his new name) is doing just fine.

And GoPro have taken notice of the lady’s heroics, commenting under her YouTube video:
Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 6.06.41 PM
“The definition of a HERO! Thank you for saving that frightened and adorable kitten. Couldn’t help but notice the GoPro mount on your mirror, we’d like to send you a care package as our appreciation. Please keep an eye out for our email!”

So all’s well that ends well.