Coach Catches Teenage Runner After Each Race. Why?


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Kayla Montgomery is one of the country’s best long distance runners. However, her battle with multiple sclerosis (MS) doesn’t make racing easy. She was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis (MS) when she was 14, she has devoted herself to running, competing and breaking records.

Kayla Montgomery Continues To Break Records

Kayla Montgomery Continues To Break Records

In 2009, she suffered an injury while playing soccer, and shortly thereafter experienced a loss of feeling in both of her feet. She was sent for medical tests. After the doctors discovered lesions on her spine and in her brain, they diagnosed her with a very aggressive form of MS, which is a disease that involves the central nervous system. For a period of eight months, her legs had a bluish color and felt cold. She had no feeling from her waist down. After time and medication helped she began to slowly regain sensation in her legs.

The diagnosis did not stop her. Montgomery was one of the slowest runners on her team. In April 2010, when the feeling returned to her legs, she left soccer and took up running. With great motivation she began to train six days a week and run distances of 40 miles each week. Not wanting to use her diagnosis of MS as an excuse to hold herself back, she told her running coach, Patrick Cromwell, “I want to run fast.” She has been running on indoor track, outdoor track and cross-country teams since that time.

Montgomery has continually improved her speeds and broken her own records.

Truly an amazing teenager that serves as an inspiration to all of us!