Chinese Soldier Drops A Grenade, Instructor Saves His Life


Dropping a live grenade and fumbling around trying to pick it up is usually a mistake you can only make once. A hapless police rookie was lucky to survive after he accidentally dropped a live hand grenade by his feet after pulling the pin.

New recruit, Xiao Zhang, was training with the Guangzhou’s Militarized Police Unit when he made the clanger as he went to throw the explosive, the People’s Daily Online reports.

The remarkable footage shows him drop the explosive behind him and was only saved by the quick-thinking of instructor Chen Qihui who pulled him into a nearby trench.

Chen Qihui said: ‘His body was under mine in the safety trench and after the explosion I discovered that I had sustained an injury to my arm.’

Neither one was seriously hurt in the blast. The plastic training grenades are slightly lighter than the standard device grenades but still have a kill range of seven metres.